Mediumship Coaching

Practical Mental Mediumship Coaching to develop and embrace your own mediumship gifts, understand yourself and manage your sensitivity and power, build confidence and trust as you strengthen your connection to the spirit world.

Each coaching session is attuned to specific areas of Mediumistic Development in accordance with each client’s individual needs, understanding and stage of development.

Each session is one hour in duration and includes both theory and practice.

Training is ongoing and constructive advice will be given during each session.

Each client with be connected with other clients and mediums to practice sittings outside of their coaching sessions – (encouraged, not mandatory).

I am always available via email between sessions with any development questions.

All sessions are on a one to one basis via Skype in the privacy of your own home.

Sessions are scheduled in increments of 4 and 8 one hour sessions.

If you need to cancel a session it with be rescheduled so you won’t lose it.

I offer a free no obligation skype call to discuss your specific goals.

Coaching will include (but is not limited to):

  • Understanding and Embracing your power
  • Attunement Exercises
  • Understanding the Spirit World (Philosophy)
  • Expanding your Mediumistic Awareness
  • Staying focused and not falling out of the power during a reading
  • Personal development (Understanding Yourself)
  • Psychic development

Schedule a free no obligation Skype call to discuss your specific goals.

Mediumship Coaching

Coaching is available in 4 and 8 session packages. Each 1 hour session is $50.00. Purchases should be made after your initial consultation with Lisa.

Mediumship Coaching

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