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Michele Avanti

Michele Avanti CAP is a metaphysician, an ISAR certified astrology professional, accredited fixed star astrologer, award winning author and professional artist. She has taught metaphysics since 1972 and astrology since 1993. Her work in the field of art began at a young age selling her first painting while still in high school. Michele holds two BFA degrees in fine art and photographic illustration. She works with clients all over the world as a metaphysical and astrological consultant as well as a ghost writer, book designer and commissioned artist.

Michele has been honored by her peers in many ways including, three awards for best juvenile fiction and visionary fiction for her book, GreeHee The Journey Of Five. She is also

past president of the Las Vegas Stargazers, co-founder and vice-president of The Astrology Club of Reno and past president of Northern California Publishers & Authors.

Michele lives in Southern Oregon with her husband, her four dogs, two cats and numerous fish.


Image : the-wave-and-the-mountains by Michele Avanti

Image : the-wave-and-the-mountains by Michele Avanti

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