Jonathan Womack is the Stan Lee of novelists? – Matt Reyes, New England Comics

Questions of spirituality, faith, the brevity of life and what becomes of us after death are enduring questions for the ages.  Author Jonathan Womack is committed to sharing his understanding of the soul’s experience and existence before, during and after life this his books, lectures, interviews and social media.

Jonathan’s out of Body episodes began in his youth some of which are incorporated into his novels, “A Cry for a Hero”, and Ram I Am”, which feature the astral superhero. “Ram”.

HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL SELECTS “A CRY FOR A HERO” FOR TOP HONORS (HOLLYWOOD, CA July 9, 2013) The 2013 Hollywood Book Festival has selected Jonathan Womack’s “A Cry for a Hero,” (Charles River Press) as the grand prize winner of its eighth annual competition honoring works worthy of further attention from the film, television and multimedia industries.

The fast-paced action thriller begins with an amazing discovery. After playing dead to survive a terrifying encounter, hero Jack Ramsey learns he has the power to become a ghostly, disembodied spirit with fantastic abilities. He soon uncovers a plot to destroy Boston, and teams with a female assassin who is being targeted by the evil-doers in a mad dash to save the city.

Womack will be honored at a private reception July 20 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the home of the first Academy Awards.


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