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Sunday, July 3rd, at 12 noon Pacific, Lisa Phoenix welcomes Spirit Artist Lynn Cottrell to Beyond Time Radio!

IMG_2135Lynn is a 59 year old mother of three beautiful girls, who remain her greatest achievement and the inspiration for her work with the spirit world.
Lynn has 29 years experience as a demonstration medium and teacher and considers herself privileged to work with the spirit world as a Spirit Artist.
Lynn is able to work with spirit to provide communication in the form of evidence of survival and at the same time is able to draw images of the faces of those wonderful souls who have passed over into the spirit world. Lynn continues to work extensively in this country and her work is requested more and more overseas. A picture paints a thousand words !!!!
Lynn is very excited to be a member of the team  of talented tutors at the Arthur Findlay College as she has benefited from the teaching at the college during her development.
Lynn is a teacher with patience and a natural ability to inspire. She takes great pleasure in the achievements of others and although art and creativity is her passion she is equally comfortable teaching demonstration mediumship, trance and healing. The way of the Native American and the Shamanic pathway is a personal interest.
Lynn loves to help her students to find and achieve their latent potential.
Lynn considers that it is a privilege to work artistically with the worlds unseen and continues to try to push back the boundaries of art in mediumship.


For more info, check out Lynn’s website –

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