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On Sunday, October 16th Lisa welcomes Medium Fleur to Beyond Time Radio, starting at 12 noon, tune in & call to speak to Fleur and receive a Message from Spirit! 323-203-0815

wIMG_0312Fleur has been named one of the Best Mediums in Los Angeles by CBS and LA Magazine. Her innate ability to directly communicate with loved ones “in spirit” has connected countless families from all around the world. Additionally, In her home location of Los Angeles she has become largely sought after in the entertainment industry; doing readings for well known A-list musicians, singers, actors and politicians.
Her accuracy has made her a favorite guest on various morning radio programs including The Big Philly Show, Q104.7, LATalkRadio, and numerous podcasts. Her work has also been featured in the book, ‘After This’ by Claire Bidwell Smith, in which Smith wrote about her experiences with various well known mediums including Theresa Caputo and James Van Praagh.
Fleur first discovered her gift as a young girl. Starting at the age of four, she heard voices all the time, spirits visited in her bedroom at night, and she saw auras around people. However, it was many years later, while attending UCLA as a pre-med student, that she gave her first reading. Word of mouth spread quickly, and after graduating, she began giving readings full time. Residing in Los Angeles with her little dog Phoebe, Fleur is on a mission to connect as many people as she can to their loved ones on the other side.

For more information or to make an appointment with Medium Fleur you can visit her website –

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