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Sunday, June 5th Lisa welcomed “The Compassionate Medium” Mavis Pittilla to Beyond Time Radio Episode 20160605 now available on demand –


Final new pic MPJoin Mavis Pittilla to help you on your journey. Her knowledge and understanding of all aspects of this work is unrivaled. She is an outstanding leader in this field having been involved for over forty years working throughout the world.


Mavis started seeing the Spirit World spontaneously in the 1960’s when she had been given three months to live. From that moment her involvement with Spiritualism and the Spirit World has been total.  She is recognized as one of the most experienced and inspirational mediums in Great Britain. She works throughout the country and around the world teaching, lecturing, demonstrating and serving Spirit.


She shares the expertise she has gleaned from her teachers in the Spirit World, as well as her friend and mentor, Gordon Higginson, one of the finest UK mediums of the last century and President of the Spiritualist National Union. Introduced by Gordon, Mavis was one of the first people to work at the Arthur Findlay College in London where she became the Senior Tutor.


Mavis runs her own hugely successful mentorship programmes in the UK and also on-line programmes for students worldwide. She has also helped train many of the well-known mediums around today who still seek her advice and expertise.  Some of her her experience has been unique and she has worked with the Kabalic Masters on the shores of Galilee, a rare experience for anyone, but particularly for a woman with the “third eye.” She has demonstrated mediumship in South Africa accompanied by a Soweto choir from the Shanty towns. She also worked in Ireland during the troubles supporting Protestant and Catholic families all feeling the same pain in grief when they had lost loved ones through “religious” fighting. 


You will be mesmerized and enthralled, as you listen to the depth of her understanding. This reservoir of knowledge encompasses all aspects of mediumship and she has a profound spiritual awareness. She firmly believes that it should not operate without spirituality and is disappointed when she sees this happening.


“We should never lose sight of the miracle of communication. Too many people just work from the mind and think that the Spirit are just genies in a bottle who can just be conjured up. They are “real people” and should be treated as such, with respect and dignity”


Mavis has dedicated her life to work on behalf of the Spirit, both the incarnate and discarnate and she firmly believes that a true medium is on a Soul journey not an egotistical adventure. To become a medium requires focus and dedication for many years, just as it does in any other area of expertise. Learning is lifelong and never ends.


For more information about Mavis and her upcoming events you may visit her website –

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