Beyond Time Radio – LA Talk Radio (Channel 1) Sundays at 12 Noon (Pacific)

Sunday, June 26th, at 12 noon Pacific, Lisa Phoenix & Celebrity Psychic Medium AJ Barrera will be taking your calls and bringing you messages from Spirit on Beyond Time Radio – 323-203-0815


biographyPsychic Medium – Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera™ has steadily risen to become one of the most accredited & leading Psychic Mediums in the industry today.
Over the course of fifteen years, AJ has continued to help thousands of individuals worldwide by sharing with them his experience of what is “beyond” by way, giving a means of communicating with spirit and how they too, can connect with their loved ones . . . after all, they are just a thought away.
A.J. Barrera has mastered the ability to deliver direct communication for loved ones that are “here in spirit” but on “the other side”, with breathtaking accuracy. He continues to gain admirers for his specifically skilled approach in translating his own unique frame of references channeled to him through spirit to help validate information such as dates, names, certain events, etc.
Psychic Medium – Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera™ is highly respected for his ability to help others understand death, cope with grief, realize their life goals, give them a new perspective in life, and ultimately gives them the closure needed to be able to let and release lifelong mental and physical blockages.

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