Lisa Phoenix, Spiritual Medium

I am a medium, energy intuitive and coach based in Los Angeles, California. I serve as a conduit between you and your friends and family members on the other side.



Man is a spirit being that survives death.

Man is ageless with an infinite mind that cannot be destroyed.

~Gordon Higginson

Connect with the Other Side

As an Spiritual Medium I communicate special messages and wisdom from the spirit realm to support and nurture you on your path.


Beyond Time Radio


Sundays 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern on LA Talk Radio


Mediumship Coaching

Practical Mental Mediumship Coaching to develop and embrace your own mediumship gifts.

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Beyond Time Radio

Live online every Sunday at 12pm Pacific, 2pm Central & 3pm Eastern time on LA Talk Radio Channel 1.  Call-in 1-323-203-0815

Sundays 12pm (Pacific)
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